Disable Zoom and Focus when input field is clicked & Inconsistent Box Size

Hey guys - i currently have the form here: www.lighthouse.app/find-apartments and have two concerns:

To loging with any email/phone the correct pin is set to 00000

Hey John, does this look like the zooming issue you’re facing? Preventing iOS Textbox Auto Zooming and ViewPort Sizing - Rick Strahl's Web Log

Also we’ll take a look at the rendering dimension issue

Thank you for your quick solution!

Looks like the quick fix is 16px for phones that stopped the zooming behavior. This is definitely weird by default!

Thank you for looking at the rendering dimension issue!

Hey @johnahn, I’m just chiming in to ask a few questions to get a better idea of the issue around the dimensions issue.

Are you talking about the dimensions of the image itself or the box around the text “Alan wants to help.”?

Aside from this, it’s important to note that pixel-width dimensions are setup to be responsive in a way where they are allowed to shrink. This helps avoid unwanted overflowing. Is it the width dimension that is inaccurate or the height?

Thank you andy. Yes im currently talking about the container’s width itself. They tend to fluctuate in size repeatedly and I guess this happens more when the other container (the form container) is bigger.

Ideally what should happen is “Alan wants to help” shouldnt change in width as i am going to next pages and should stay the same on width.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll take a look at this. Last question for you would be does this also happen in the editor or just on the published form?

Thanks Andy! Yes just on a published form. It looks fine on the demo within feathery though!