Clicking into some fields does not bring focus to the field

Hello - When I click into a field in a form, typically, the field is highlighted with a blue border. However, once I embed the form in a page, a couple of the fields, when clicked, do not cause the border to be blue. I am assuming somehow the field is out of focus. It is odd because on clicking, the default value does “Shrink To Top” - so definitely the click is registered. The two fields encountering this issue are the Phone Number field and the Message and Enquiry - Optional field.

The form in question is “8 Web TT Contact Us”. The live Feathery form works as expected. Embedding the form in a barebones works. However, it does not work on our regular site. StaffingApp - “Find My Next Hire”.

A similar embedded form on the same web page has no issues. “Book Interview” and the Feathery form is “9 Web TT Invite to Job”

I’ve tried hard to troubleshoot what the issue may be with no luck whatsoever. I would really appreciate it if somebody would take a look.

Hey Piyush, given this isn’t an issue with the Feathery form itself, we won’t be able to troubleshoot on this forum. We do offer priority support on our enterprise plan though, where we can help out. Feel free to reach out to if that’s of interest.