Unable to change the country in the Phone Number field

I have a Phone Number field in a form to collect visitor information.

On my desktop, the country appears as USA when the form is being filled.
However, as a visitor, I am unable to override the country and pick another country (say Australia) and provide an Australian phone number.

In th form design itself, Optional and “Read Only” are not checked under Constraints.
The Default Country also is left blank.

It seems Feathery is determining what country code to present (which is fine) but is also limiting the input to the determined field. This may not be what the visitor intends to input as their phone number

Hi Piyush, can you point us to the form & step where you’re seeing this issue?

It is the ‘9 Web TT Invite to Job’ form and the ‘contact details’ step. Thank you for looking into this.

Hi Piyush, I checked out the step and I was able to change the phone number country without issue. If you’re still seeing the problem, can you send a screen recording of the issue to support@feathery.io? Thanks!

My bad. I did not realize that the country (US in the screenshot) is clickable and that is how you changethe country. I was trying to backspace on the cursor (by default it is positioned after the +1) and it does not let you backspace from there.


That’s correct, we don’t support editing the country code directly currently