Country selection for phone number inaccessible


We have the feathery form ‘8 Web TT Contact Us’ embedded in a web page using the Javascript SDK. Note that the selection for the country is hidden / layered at the back.

You may access our web page with the embedded form at StaffingApp

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Regards - Piyush


Hey Piyush, this is a z-index issue, You set your modal z-index to 1000 but our dropdown z-index is 10. If you reduce it to a number lower than 10, you’ll see it appear on top fo the modal

Thank you so much. I’ll work with our development team.

Hello @peter - the proposed solution did work with the ‘8 Web TT Contact Us’ form. However, we have the same issue on the form ‘9 Web TT Invite to Job’. The issue is reproducible by visiting StaffingApp and clicking on the “Find My Next Hire” button. Clicking on the US button apears not to display the country selection list.

I would appreciate knowing what you find.


Hey Piyush, as a general rule, you should check the Feathery-hosted version of your form, and if it’s working well, the embed issue will usually be something on your side (e.g. a stray CSS rule). Your Feathery-hosted version works fine, so you’ll want to experiment on your web app to see what about it is affecting how the Feathery form is displaying.

Hello Peter - I understand your suggeston about experimenting with the web app. However, much like the earlier z-index setting, are there suggestions regards specific areas to investigate to rsolve the issue?