Use field value in open URL action

Gérald_Elbaze @Gérald_Elbaze: Hello to all.
Thanks to a logical function, I retrieve a URL that I assign to a hidden field.
Except that when I want to use this url to put a link on a piece of text, it does not interpret the variable contained in {{}}. So the link doesn’t work…
Any idea how to get around this bug?
Exemple :
and {{BNF_url_pdf}} contains :
neither with

Custom HTML, JS, and Iframes

In summary :
the {{}} is clearly not interpreted, once we are outside the form.
Except that the only way to make a link (href) is in the right menu. And obviously the {{}} is never interpreted.
So we cannot use a variable to pass a url and/or to pass a variable in a url!! Which is a real problem.

peter @peter: hey gerald, thanks for flagging. we’ve added this ability now



We’ve added the ability to use a field value in the open URL action