Z-Index on dropdowns (multiselect)

I have a form embedded in a modal. When I tap the field and the drop down opens, the options appear behind the modal. So maybe the list has a fixed z-index that is lower than my modal?

This is happening specifically for the dropdown multi-select field. The regular dropdown seems to work find, as it’s appears to be using the native dropdown.

yep, i think this is a z-index issue. if you decrease the z-index of your modal to be smaller than that of the multiselect dropdown, it should be fixed

I need the modal to be at a higher index to avoid elements that are under the modal from appearing on top.

Example z-indexes-
navbar: 1
modal: 2
form embed: 2 or 3

The drop-down appears to be hardcoded to 1.

Can we get it to respect a form zindex? Or add a zindex field that I can override it with?

Or even a higher hard coded z-index would work. I assume that you would always want your dropdown menu to appear on top of any other elements and never below.

we’ve gone ahead and updated this on th latest version