Add tag for a certain response

I want to add a tag to people who responds a certain way at a certain question in my form so the tag is directly associates to their name when it goes into Mailchimp. I found how to do the process because I’ve already done it. But, I am trying to do it from a Dropdown with multiple responses. Is that possible ? Or do I have to change my form directly…
Thank you

Hi Andy,

Thank you for reaching.
It seems that it would only work for single answer drop down.

Here is what I got on my end, when i tried replicating your request.

First one is when I used a dropdown with multiple selection, and the second is just a single drop down option in which I just manually added the second tag in mailchimp.


Hi Jomerpradas,

Thank you for your answer.
Would it me possible for you to put the screenshot of how you did it step by step please ?
Because, when I’m in Integrations > Mailchimp, what do I put in this box ?

Thank you

Hi Andy,

Here are a couple of screenshots of how you can do it on your end.

First is you need to create a drop down with multiple selection, and also an email address field.

Second, is to declare tag options inside for the dropdown field.
Here I had used Marketing, and Management for the tags. You can also click on the allow new option so that your audience can add new tags if they want.
Here is what it will produce in Mailchimp, the Sales, and IT are tags that the user declared in the drop down.

As for the integration, here are my settings
For the email. select the email field which you had created earlier, and as for the tags, select the drop down with multiple option as the field.

As you can see here, the tags we had declared in the dropdown option, are already here.


NOTE: this will just create a single tag, but with multiple names, as you can see here.

If you need to add multiple tags for a user, you can go to this link in mailchimp, you can simply go to this link:


Hopefully this helps.