Mailchimp integration not sending all data

i did the mailchimp integration, and am using the “Data recieved” event. its successfully sending the email address, but its not sending the other data to custom fields in mailchimp. whats the best way to troubleshoot this?

Sounds liken you might want to use the form completion event. Data received will trigger an event when any data is received (e.g. per step submission)

I have like 30 steps that get data received, and I only want to send a few of them to mailchimp, and very few people complete the form entirely so I dont want to use form completed.

Should I make a separate mailchimp action for each piece of data I want sent?

What’s weird is that the current action is successfully sending both name and email. Would you expect this? Name is gathered first, and email in a subsequent step. Is email the first “data received trigger” that actually triggers the mailchimp action?


yes i think that would work. you can use the step load event for each step you want to send data for, and it will send all of the data collected up to that point.

we have aggregation logic under the hood so for data received, multiple data received events can be aggregated into one

but the first one triggered would be email right? since you cant send anything without an email address?

Yes, i think that makes sense to me