Address auto-complete option does not appear when embedding a form

I am finding that the address auto-complete option does not work when I embed a form on my website, but works fine standalone.

I assume it’s related to this error in my Chrome console:

Is this something I can resolve/work around?

Can you link to the form that’s erroring?

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Hi Peter,
Thanks for the reply -

I’d rather not just for the risk of spurious entries on what is an important form.

I was hoping other people had experienced similar (and hopefully had a resolution)

If I get a chance, I’ll mockup something up to demonstrate in the next few days.

Apologies for the delay, I have mocked up a test form -

The direct feathery link is:

The embedded iframe link is:

A list of issues with the embedded form:

  • The country code on the phone number field does nothing when clicked in the iframe (it pops up in the native form)

  • The address auto-fill popup does not show on the iframe (it does in the native form)

  • Tooltips (Product Information page) do not appear when hovered over in the iframe

Thanks for any assistance!

Hi @cleary , I have tested the form in both the places. I am able to autofill the address in my chrome instance. Probably, some site settings must be blocking the addresses from being accessible. Can you share more details about what access the website has?

Regarding the country code and tooltips bugs, we are investigating them. We will keep you posted about the fix! Thanks for raising these issues.

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Hi @kailash,
Thanks for the reply!

I’ve tested on both Chrome and Firefox, and neither are displaying the address popup.

We are not blocking the address lookup, I can see the response lists in my network traffic - the browser is just not displaying the popup:

Thankyou for looking into them :slight_smile:

It occurred to me that there is potentially multiple competing auto-complete services happening here. One of them is the built-in chrome auto-fill (global across all websites), the other is the feathery form address lookup service (specific to certain fields in a feathery form).
To clarify, it’s the feathery address lookup service that is failing to display correctly.
It looks like this when working correctly:

Thanks for the details @cleary . This will help me debug the issue further.

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@kailash No worries - btw it looks like this test sheet is causing duplicate entries to be logged with my google sheets integration, so I’m going to disable the sheet now

@cleary fyi it looks like you’re embedding the debugging form in your site, and since that was removed / renamed it’s not showing up in your site now.

can you fix this so we can continue to investigate? thanks!

Hi @peter,
As mentioned above, I’m having issues with some sort of crossover between the live and test form, and the google sheets integration (due to copying the live form), so I’ve removed it.

Are you able to replicate in a test environment?

Ah - we’ve put in a fix for the copy logic that should be available in 20 minutes. Can you try copying the form again after that? Thank you!

No problem - I will check shortly :+1:

I can’t seem to DM you - I was going to send the live form so you could use that (just don’t go through the submission step)

you can email

Thanks, email sent with an alternate link

There’s a fade class from the bootstrap library you’re using on your site that’s applying to the pop-ups and setting the opacity to 0, which is why you’re not seeing it

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I was concerned it may have been an us issue - thankyou for your debugging, I’ve forwarded to our web dev team and will confirm when they get back to me.
Thanks again