Address Field Not Updating Country

Upon testing the form: when we enter street address the autocomplete changes all the fields correctly, except for country. Country defaults to USA no matter if the actual country is different. Not sure what the bug is. Here is the form builder view. I can share the test view on request.

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We were not able to replicate the issue with the country field. Could you please also specify the exact form the issue was happening and what data for the street address was provided?

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Thanks I fixed it. The error goes away when you click Save country as abbreviated.

I have this issue too but I do not want to abbreviate Save Country due to having conditional logic set up by country. Is there a proper fix for this issue?

Hi Cassie, we have tested on your form and any change in street address is updating the country correctly. Can you provide more information as with what value you input into address and what did country field change to? Thank you.

Hey there, yes, this is because I ended up switching to the abbreviation to solve the problem. Using the full country name still has this issue.

Thank you Cassie - this should be fixed now. Please let us know if further questions. Thank you.