Alignment of checkboxes

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I have a few checkboxes/radio lists with multi-line options (see screenshot below). Is there any way to change the alignment of the checkboxes to the top of the text content?

Ideally, it would be great if I could select the alignment (centre/top/bottom aligned) of the checkbox to text per module so that I can keep the alignment centred for single-line modules, but if that isn’t possible is there a way to manually set it?

Screenshot 2024-01-25 at 07.38.44

thanks for flagging, alignment has been updated!

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Thanks for the quick response Peter, appreciate it. However, I don’t see any new alignment options for the checkbox groups, and my checkboxes are all still centre-aligned (which is the behaviour I want for a majority of cases except bulky checkbox groups like the above example). Am I missing something? Do I need to refresh anything?

is your form embedded? if so please upgrade to the latest react library version

No, it’s hosted on Feathery. This is what I see in the editor window

looks like the form was updated but not the dashboard view of it – we just pushed an update that should be live in 10