Implementing a conversion logic from checkbox fields to text fields

Could you please provide sample logic for converting checkboxes into text fields? I successfully tested a single line in both Feathery and Zoho CRM for integration. However, I encountered a minor issue where the selected layout in Feathery for Zoho CRM did not reflect as expected, displaying records in a different layout. Despite this, I would appreciate it if you could share some sample logic to help me convert the checkboxes as my entire form contains checkbox.

In your logic rule under the code editor, something like

MyHiddenField.value = MyCheckboxField.value.toString();

I attempted to utilize the logic code you provided, which can be observed in the image below, but it appears to be ineffective. Could you please provide a detailed explanation? I am eager to resolve this matter as soon as possible.

You need to specify the step on which the rule is going to run when it’s submitting of course. Otherwise it’s not going to trigger anywhere