Browser alert - Leave page? Changes may not be saved

All of a sudden my forms are asking for the user to confirm they’re happy to leave the page upon the last step of submitting the form.

Please can you help confirm what is going on? I think Jake has had a look at this before and something was changed for me. Am I doing something wrong?


Sites include:

Hello @bfRhap , I am trying to test your forms, but the phone number field is not accepting any test input. Do you have a test input that I can use for the phone number field?

Hi Kailash,

It needs to be a UK Mobile number - so starts 07 and 11 digits long in total.

This should pass validation.
A postcode should you need it also could be TA13FB.

Hi @bfRhap I have tested the therapycareers webpage and the form submission, page navigation and tab closure all happened without any popup. Can you try again and let me know if you are seeing this behvaior still

Hi Kailash,
Ok, that’s hopefully meaning not all users are seeing it.

But it still happens for me, would it be based on me being logged into Feathery?
Or perhaps because I have some cookies/cached from somewhere?

What would make this happen along the journey, do you know what step it happens at?
I usually submit the form, and the animated gif on the button is spinning for a few seconds.
Then I see the browser alert box asking if I want to leave.

Do you have logic running when the last submit button is clicked?

Yes, there is logic being used and then a redirect at the end of the form completion - as far as I can tell the order of things.

Is there likely an API call still ongoing for the validation I am carrying out on Phone and Email?

I’m not quite sure on the ordering or over hang of logic in the process, especially when mixing the settings of the form, with logic on the form and then inline js code too.

Are you still seeing this? If so, can you attach a recording of you going through the entire flow? I’m not able to reproduce