Calendly Calendar Size

I added Calendly to a sales form - I can’t get the dimensions to show the full calendar. It’s only showing ~50 px in height and the rest shows on scroll. I tried to set the dimensions as FILL for width and 800px for height (it didn’t work), and then I adjusted it to FIT for both width and height (still didn’t work), and then I adjusted it to FILL for both width and height (still didn’t work).

Thanks for flagging! We’ve made an update and now your fill container will expand properly

It still doesn’t work.

i double checked your dashboard and your featheyr-hosted forms and they’re expanding properly in both places. I’m guessing you might have the form embedded somewhere? If so, you’ll want to upgrade your form to the latest library version for teh updates to reflect there

The Contact Sales form has an embedded Calendar form in the second step that is not loading properly.

I just set your parent fit container to fill, is that closer to what you want to see? The bug you initially flagged was resolved, everything remaining is something that you can style directly

I now understand what you mean. It works well on larger desktop screens where the full Calendly calendar is shown. It doesn’t work as well on smaller desktop screens where you need to scroll the actual calendar but not the full window. FYI I’ve removed the calendar from the published form and kept in an unpublished draft form for further testing.