Calendly redirect does not work in embedded form

The Calendly redirect works ok when I test it out by clicking “Live Form” from the dashboard, but it doesn’t work when I embed it in my web app. I’ve attached a screenshot of the console.

Are you sure these are errors from Feathery? can you share a link to the site where we can see the errors

Not sure if the errors are related, they show up before I book a time on the calendar.

Here is a link to the site:

To reproduce, select “Sell my business” on the first form step. The calendar is the second to last step.

It’s not immediately clear to me either why it’s not redirecting on our embed. Feel free to reach out to and we can schedule some time for a debugging call to get to the bottom of it (note having someone technical will be necessary so we can add logging to a local instance of the app)

I ended up just using the JSX embed to put a calendly in the form

Although I still have one remaining issue. When the user selects a time on the calendly I don’t have a way to go to the next step in the Feathery. @peter Is there a way to programatically move on to the next step?

Yes, you can use the goToStep function Context API - Feathery Docs