Can't add an element inside an inner container


I want to insert an element inside container2 which is inside container1.

I can insert a theird container, but when I try with a text field, a label, a button, etc. I get an error message

Thanks for your help

Hello, I can’t replicate this on my end. I am currently able to add any element without errors. Can you confirm if it is still not working for you? And if so which form and browser are you on?

Form Id: Cp1XvC

I still have the problem with MS Edge Version 126.0.2592.68 (Version officielle) (64 bits) and FireFox 115.12.0esr (64 bits)

I can add the button to CONTAINER 1 (yellow) besides CONTAINER 2 (green), but if I try to add it directly to CONTAINER 2 or to move it from CONTAINER 1 inside CONTAINER 2, I still get the message error.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Went into your account in multiple browsers and still didn’t encounter the error. For now have you tried clearing cache with those browsers or jumping to another browser?


I cleared the cache, and it works now.

Thank you and Kind regards.