Combining Name Fields into Full Name

Hello. I have 2 fields (first-name and last-name). Is there a way to set up a hidden field (or other type of field) that combines them both into full-name? FYI I want to integrate with Stripe, which only has a full-name field.

Yes, you can set up a logic rule that combines them both into a hidden field! API Connectors & Advanced Logic - Feathery Docs

Thanks, Peter. Can you provide the logic rule?

If you upgrade to our plus plan (the one that supports logic rules), I’m happy to set up an example fr you

Sure, the plan was just upgraded.

Cool, just set up a full-name-field hidden field for you along with a rule that runs when the first step of your form is submitted. it combines the first and last names with a space in between, and sets it into your full name field.