Creating a submmision form, returns error 404

Hi, I’m creating a custom form and when I try to connect to the API it returns error 404, I’ve checked all the options and I don’t see the error, any idea of the problem?

Hi Gonzalo, please make sure you are using the correct field id (uppercase / lowercase sensitive) and user id for the API.

Hi @peter could you help me with this? I already did all the variable revisions (Upper/LowerCase) and I still can’t connect to the API, my idea is to create my own form (in NextJs) and just send the result to Feathery for tracking, I only need 2 variables, article and rate (although the variable should be called “Help Article Rating”), finally I have a doubt how to generate the user_id, I see that is a token of 36 characters and I have also seen that they use an email, for my particular case how could I create a valid one? Thank you very much for your help, I’m really blocked with this.

Hi Gonzalo, thank you for providing more context here - we made an update and you can create a user if it does not already exist through the form submission API now. We believe earlier you might be using a user that does not exist.

Please try again and see if it’s working for you. Thank you.

Hi Gonzalo, we have further updated the API and user_id is an optional field now. Please refer to our updated doc here.