Width/height ratio of elements is off

I have a div that is rounded with a border. It’s an equal width and height, creating a circle. In my published version of the form it is still working correctly. In my draft version, I noticed that the width/height ratio looks slightly off, though they are the same number in the inspector. I haven’t made any changes to these elements and everything looks correct from the style inspector. So I’m thinking it may be something with Feathery’s internal styling logic?

cc: @andy to take a look at this issue

Hey Kayden, could you link me to the form that is experiencing this problem? Also, is the problem occurring on the editor, the form, or both?

Hi Andy,

I can see it in both the editor and in the draft. It used to not show this way in either.

The published one I embedded last month seems to be unaffected, but I worry about making changes and publishing and it causing the circles to look like ovals in that one too.

Here’s the link to the form:



this is fixed now, thanks for flagging!

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Looking good! Thank you!