Email Notification and PDF


I have integrated the both the email functionality and the PDF generator. However, when I complete my form in a live environment I do not receive an email or a pdf.

Also, when I view results I only see 6 users regardless times I submit a new form.

How can I resolve these issues?

You’re probbaly modifying the same submission each time. Either turn off remember user in your form settings so each session is a new submission, or test in incognito

Hey Peter, sorry, I should of stated that remember user was off.

Which form are you referring to?

The form is tagged ECS

I tested the form and everything seems fine to me. There might have been a slight race condition resulting in you not fully completing the submission, but a guard for that has now been added.

Hey Peter, Thanks for looking into this.

I tested the form and it is still not working.

However, when I perform the following actions I receive the completed PDF;
open dropdown “published” → click on live form → answer all questions.

How can we resolve this?

Doesn’t that indicate it’s working if you’re opening the form, filling all of the questions, and getting your expected PDF?

I’m not exactly sure what isn’t working for you

Sorry, when I test the form on my website it does not work.

But when I test it as listed below, it does work.

(within feathery open dropdown “published” → click on live form → answer all questions - form works.)

If you have it embedded, you’ll want to make sure it’s on the latest library version FAQs - Feathery Docs

Hey Peter, I do not have it embedded into the site.

I’m confused - how are you testing it on your website if you don’t have it embedded on your website?

It’s just a button that when clicked on opens a new page which is the form.

You’re probably using a link to a unique submission. If you compare the URL when clicking live form to what you have on your site, i’m guessing you’ll see a difference. Use the live form link instead of the unique submission link