Email integration - sending the form

I have set up an email integration in a form so that we are notified by email when a new form is submitted. Is it possible that the form is presented within that email somehow? As an attachment for example or a link?
Same question regarding the Slack integration - how can we include a link to the form submitted? Is it possible?

Yes, you can use the {{Feathery Edit Link}} variable in your email to include a unique link to the submission.

This link can be constructed in your slack integration as well. It’s of the form{YOUR FORM SLUG}?_id={YOUR USER ID}

the form slug can be manually included by you, and the user id can be included via the Feathery User ID variable for slack

I’m afraid I did not understand that completely @peter:

  • Should I then paste the URL you provided followed by the information within the {} into the message sent?
  • the form slug you mention is the URL I get when I open the form? If not, what is it?
  • Can you explain further how to get the Feathery User ID variable for slack? Also, what additional information does including this ID add to the message or link to the form?
  • yep
  • yes, that’s correct
  • we use the double-curly brace notation {{}} to specify field variables in all of our integrations. This is how you create a link to a unique form submission rather than just a general link to the form

@peter thank you for coming back to us! I’ve tried it out and it did provide a link, but when clicking on it it takes me to an error 404 page. I’ll paste the setting up of the integration below - maybe you can see what I’m doing wrong?

Thank you again!

Your form URL is incorrect. You took the URL from your dashboard, but you should be using the slug from the URL of the form itself

@peter thank you for your quick response. Still, I don’t know what that is, I thought it should be from the form’s URL, which is where I took it from. May you please explain where I can take the “slug from the URL of the form itself” and maybe provide an example? Thank you again for your patience and help!

This is an example of your form Marketing | LP | Contact Sales_TESTING

The slug here is 8d83Vu, the last part of your form URL

@peter thank you for clarifying that! I understand now what you meant by the form’s URL itself. I’ve tried with the one you pointed out for the test form (image below) and also with the one from the live form, but still is not working, it does give a link, but it’s to Feathery’s main page. I’m sorry this is being so difficult to achieve, and thank you again for your patience. Can you please help?


there are no curly braces around the slug. I only included those to indicate it’s a placeholder. It needs to be the URL to your form, plus the _id query parameter after.

@peter I now took out the curly braces and tried with both the test form and live form slug, but it still isn’t working, the link provided send me to a 404 error page

what’s the final link being generated?

@peter it sends 2 notifications. The first does not send any information, just the link:{a4b9ec3e-9a11-4f6e-9dcf-e372bde9b814/4b7e94df-827c-45d9-9a79-1c3dfba405bc/}?_id=3224575f-cc40-474f-9cd5-90a0c91259a7

The other sends the information and this link:

I’ve included how I finally have the integration set up in case I’ve messed it up somehow:

Your first link is invalid because it still has the curly braces in the URL – you should remove those.

The second link has the section twice at the beginning. We just went in and removed one of the duplicate sections

Hi @peter thank you for your help! I’ve tested it but it seems it doesn’t work still: It’s still sending 2 notifications per submission, and neither links go to the completed form.

Maybe it will be easier just to add all the fields to the notification.

Can you send an example of the new link?

@peter It’s working now for the live form! The only thing that is not ideal is that it send the notification twice, once without any information (just a non-working link) and then the correct notification.