Form Not Redirecting To Stripe Checkout

I’m having trouble setting up a redirect to Stripe Checkout.

Products have been set up in Stripe. Integration has been set to “Stripe Checkout”. I’ve added the following properties to the bundle selector:

I’ve then added the following properties to the checkout button:

Screenshot 2024-06-02 at 11.54.46 AM

Hope someone can help, we can’t go live till this is resolved.


Which form and step is this?

Ezivisa form, step 3 Select Your Bundle

If you check the developer console, you’ll see the error

IntegrationError: You should not use your secret key with Stripe.js. Please pass a publishable key instead.

This means your auth keys you set in your stripe integration are incorrect, and you entered the secret key where it’s asking for the publisable key instead

Changed the keys and everything worked great. Thank you.

I’ve got 2 more questions:

  1. Is there a way to make the following work? (Step 3 Select Your Bundle > Essential)

If container is clicked and checkbox IS checked (checked by default) then add X product to cart

If container is clicked AND checkbox IS NOT checked (checked by default) then add Y product to cart

  1. Is there a way to redirect the customer back to our form to complete their ID Verification (Step 4) and submit their form after they have paid using Stripe checkout?

Update: Solved Q2, but still haven’t solved Q1.

This can be done using feathery custom logic: Advanced Logic & API Connections | Feathery Docs

You could have a rule run when teh checkbox is checked or unchecked and dynamically set the quantities of the products you want to purchase