Stripe Checkout -- unable to confirm payment submission

Attempting to use Stripe Checkout as a part of a simple form submission.

Our Go To Payment button is attempting to perform 3 actions:

  1. Add Product to Cart
  2. Checkout Cart
  3. Go to Step - None Finish Form

When Action 3 is not in the flow, the user is redirect to the Stripe Checkout page (takes multiple clicks of the button).

When Action 3 is in the flow, the user is taken to a Submission Complete page and the user is never redirected to Stripe Checkout.

Other challenges we’re running into:

  • This Feathery form is connected to Zap that initiates a series of API calls. Currently there is no way for us to confirm that the user completed the Stripe Checkout payment submission because Feathery is considering the form completed by Action 3.
  1. How can we ensure that the user completed the Stripe Checkout form before considering the Feathery flow completed?
  2. Why does it take multiple clicks to go to Stripe Checkout page?

Hi @cmcgoodwin , I have removed the Action 3 and tested the form. The product prod_Prc3V3LTJJPMXv is not available. Here is the response from stripe:

        "message": "Payment Error: prod_Prc3V3LTJJPMXv is an invalid product.",
        "code": "default-error"

Can you please check the product ID and update the value?

Hi Kailash –

We have Strip Tax enabled but this product is set as Nontaxable. Could that be causing the issue?

Hi @cmcgoodwin , if the product ID is correct, please check if the product configuration is all good. Tax related setting may not directly impact this, but it can be one root cause.

See if you can compare the product configuration and make it similar to other products you have. That should help identifying the issue!