Stripe Checkout is not redirecting to Stripe page

Trying to configure a form to send the user to the Stripe Checkout page.

:white_check_mark: Stripe integration is showing as connected.
:white_check_mark: I can see our products when I select Add to Cart (both Live and Test).
:white_check_mark: I have the button configured for Action 1: Add Product to Cart, Action 2: Checkout Cart.
:white_check_mark: Stripe integration is set to Stripe Checkout.

When I try to test in either Test mode or Live, clicking the button does nothing. I don’t get an error message – just blank.

Hi there, are you updating the hidden field that is set as the product quantity anywhere in your form?

Hi! Yes I believe so.

I saw an error message after clicking the button: Stripe Tax has not been activated on your account. Please visit Set up Stripe Tax | Stripe Documentation to get started

That was it! Thank you!