Google sheets integration duplicating entries after copying form

I have a production form (Product-feedback-v1.1) which has google sheets integration.
After duplicating this form for some issue testing (and even after deleting the test form), every submission on the production form is creating a duplicate in the google sheet:

Is there something I’ve missed that is causing the issue (ie that I can fix)?

Hi @cleary , We are looking into the issue.

@cleary took a look at your product feedback form and looks like it has two google sheets integrations with erroring credentials. can you delete these and reset it to a working integration? that will allow us to test the duplication ourselves and investigate how we can fix it

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Thanks @peter - the integration got duplicated somehow (I haven’t touched it for months). The only think I can think was it happened when I created the test form as a copy of the prod form.

I have deleted one of the integrations/authentications and it’s going through as expected now

i believe this copy issue was resolved a while back. if you duplicate now, you shouldn’t run into that error

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great news, thankyou :slight_smile: