Duplicate entries in Google Sheets

I have two forms set up with the google sheets integration (each going to their own tab on the google sheet).

  • Cancellation Survey (PROD) → adding duplicate entries to the “Cancellation” tab
  • Downgrade Survey (PROD) → working as expected adding singular entries to the “Downgrade” tab

One additional strange point about the duplicate entries in the google sheet for the cancellation survey is that sometimes the entries are not exactly identical - one may have a free text response to one of the questions while the other is missing it. See the attached image below for clarification

And finally not sure if it is relevant but both surveys occasionally send blank responses despite the trigger being “Form Completed”.

Hi Adrianne,

Thanks for flagging this and the dup entry issue should be resolved now for Cancellation Survey - feel free to let us know if further questions.

Thank you,