Google sheets comma separated duplicate values

As of a few days ago, I started to see feathery populate an integrated google sheets table with comma separated duplicate values of field response data. For example, an entry from the same user ID would have the “name” field populated in the google sheet as “Kevin,Kevin,Kevin” even though when looking at the response directly in feathery for that same user ID would just say “Kevin”

I suspect that this might be caused by multple submissions from the same user and instead of updating the value in google sheets, it’s appending a comma separated value. This is currently breaking my downstream integrations.

This is how my google sheets integration is currently configured:

Have you specified the column in google sheets to look up to verify ift he submission belongs to a new row or an existing row?

Yes, it checks it based on the feathery user id

thanks! looping in @AK-Rollout here to help out

Hi Kevin,
We have been unable to repro this error. Will it be possible for you to provide us more info, like:

  1. The form id(s) so that we can narrow our investigation to the impacted automation(s), The user has three automations
  2. Any specific example where this occurred. E.g the feathery user id for a row where the user saw duplicated data

A video of how you are getting this error will also be great.

Sorry I had to delete all the duplicated data in order to unblock our workflow, I should have kept a record of the affected IDs.

It seems like it has stopped happening now so perhaps it was an intermittent bug?