Live form loading last step not first step

The form is loading the last step, not the first step, when it loads as a Live and as an embedded Live form. It was doing this as a test form too at first, but I deleted all the actions, and all the connections on the flow tab, and recreated from scratch all of the actions and the flow. Now as a standalone Test form it starts on the first step, but as a Live or embedded Live form it still never goes to the first step. Also, in the flow editor in the left of the Designer, it never puts the first step at the top or even near the top, unlike on the first form I built.

Live Form:

Embedded Live Form:

Test Form:

When you have a step selected, you’ll see in the top-right corner of the editor a toggle to make it the “starting step” of your form

Hi Peter, I selected that toggle, it still has the same issue. It’s published and when I click Live Form still puts the last page of the form up.

The Test form loads the correct URL: Feathery Forms

The Live form loads the URL to the last step: Feathery Forms

You have remmeber location turned on in the form settings so you will always be taken back to the last step you left off of. If you open it up in incognito, you’ll notice you start on the first step because it’s considered a new submission