Playback issue with video from Google drive

Hello! I integrated a video to my form, an mp4 that’s stocked on my google drive, but it won’t play/load. Access to the file is set to reading right for everyone with the link. What am I missing ? Thank you for your help.

Google drive video URLs are considered third-party rather than custom. A custom URL is one that would download the video directly.

I updated your video type to third-party, then I pasted in the google drive URL in the iframe embed code for your video: How do I embed videos from my Google Drive / Google Photos into a Blogger post? Embed is no more??? - Blogger Community

Thank you Peter :+1:t3:
Is there a possibility to autoplay? When I try the same thing with a video from YouTube, the common autoplay-code in the url doesn’t seem to be working.

Yes, we just released an update so now autoplay & other parameters in third-party URLS are supported