Pre-Orders - How to collect the payment information without charging the customer (Feathery + Stripe)


I’m using feathery to collect customer measurements and pre-orders for a product. I have Feathery connected to Stripe, and I have added a Payment Method field to my form. What I am not clear about is:

  1. How to collect the payment information without charging the customer yet, saving the payment information in Stripe for now - how do I make sure the customer is not charged until later? It seems like the Action “Checkout Cart” is going to charge the customer in the flow?

  2. It looks like the only pre-order option is credit card via the Feathery Payment Method element + Stripe, is there any way to enable Paypal or Venmo for pre-orders?

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Hi Suzan,

Once you have the stripe integration configured for your form to collect payments in your form (not stripe checkout), you will then be able to drag the payment method element onto a step in your form. If you leave it required, your users will have to enter a credit card in order to submit that step. Upon step submission, feathery will setup that credit card payment method in Stripe under your customer. You can read about it here: Collect Payment Method - Feathery Docs. Also, at the present time feathery only supports credit cards.

To be clear, if you do not setup a collect payment action on your form, your customer will not be charged.

Eric - to make sure I do this right:

  1. I use the Payment Method Element to get the credit card information

  2. To collect the credit card number without charging the customer, for the Button Element Action, instead of Action → Checkout Cart:

2.A Can I do an Add to Cart Action with the Stripe product, to save the product and quantity along with the credit card information?

2.B To complete the pre-order, do I add an Action to the Button with “Validate and Save Step Data” checkbox checked and “Go to Next Step” which is just a page that says something like “pre-order complete” - to make sure the credit card data, product and quantity are pushed to Stripe but the customer is not charged?

  1. Do I need to collect the user’s “name on credit card” and billing address and phone number as well using Feathery fields, for the transaction to be “processable” later in Stripe? (Credit card payment flows always ask for this information) - if yes, is this passed to Stripe along with the CC number collected via the Credit Card Method Element?

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Following up on this, I cannot get this to work when I try to test it with Stripe test CC numbers (Test payment methods | Stripe Documentation on this page they provide test credit card numbers) . Either I get an error “Internal Server Error” message hovering over the credit card input field, or on the one occasion when the button did progress to the next step, nothing shows up in Stripe.

hey susan,

you can’t save the product and quantity to stripe without actually running the charge. you can of course save that data to feathery.

You can configure the data you want to pass to stripe from the stripe integration settings.

the error you’re getting is because you’re trying to save shipping info, but both the name and the address must be saved for stripe to validate the information.

we’re making a change to add additional validation to our stripe integration config to make that more clear!

Thanks Peter, this worked!

That’s great to hear!