Repeatable containers - can they 'collapse' when a new container is added?

Hi there!

I am creating an order form for my business. This involves using repeatable containers of order data the customer can fill out (we create custom items). As on occasion there can be dozens, if not more, of these products, I need to find a way to have the previously filled out/completed containers collapse/condense. From a user perspective it’s far less overwhelming . Is there any way of doing this?

I used to have a form built in Webflow that was capable of doing this - it would collapse with just the first field visible to label each container when collapsed. However I didn’t build this form and don’t know how to replicate it.

Hi Cassie, you can create a checkbox field and set a conditional hide rule on it so that when it’s checked, the repeatable containers can be hidden. You can refer to our docs here on how to set the hide logic.

but what if i don’t want to hide it completely, but leave the option for the customer to re-expand and edit the fields in that container, if necessary?

Can anyone help with this? I really need to find a solution.

You can just put the checkbox and other repeatable fields in the same repeatable container (container 1) and put other fields other than the checkbox in a sub container (container 2), then set hide/show condition on that container 2, so users can always see the checkbox and toggle whether to see/expand the other fields in container 2.

Thank you! Is there a way to dynamically label/title each container? as these are orders, some will have many repeats and customers will need to be able to tell each container apart at a glance.

This can be achieved through our logic rule feature to set a dynamic field value.

Can you please provide more information about that?