Require Full Address in the Single Line Autocomplete Field

I’d love to be able to require that users enter street address, city, state, zip code, preferably using the autocomplete into a single line. I have visibility and conditional routing as well as zapier integrations already set up based on a single line address workflow, but some customers are only entering partial information.

For reference, you can see the field on the first step of form ynIQSz.

This is actually a property on the address line 1 field you can toggle on

It allows them to select the autofield, but the user is also allowed to not select the auto complete suggestion and leave whatever they want in the address line 1 field. I want to force them to put a full address in that field.

You could set up a custom validation error conditioned on a hidden field whose value is only set by a field value change logic rule that runs when the address field value is changed. you then can use integrationData to determine whether an address was selected or something was just typed in

Could you possibly send me a Loom of you doing this on an example one line address? It’d really help me set this up properly.