Skipping user registration for repeat quiz/poll takers

I am working on creating a quiz/poll for users who visit a website. The process would involve:

  1. The user would answer a multiple-choice question and then click submit.
  2. The user would be required to enter their email and state, and then submit again.
  3. The user would be presented with the results of the quiz or poll.

I am aware that there is a feature that allows the website to remember a user, but I am wondering if there is a way to remember a user who has already completed another poll/quiz on the site and skip the second step where they need to enter their information again. Instead, they would be redirected directly to the results page.

Yes, if you have Remember User turned on in your form settings, we can identify your users on multiple forms across the same site. To show the information again, you might want to use linked fields:

If I turn on Remember User is there a way to set up the form so users that previously filled out a form on the website can answer a question, click submit, skip entering their information, and go to the last step of getting the answer?

Sure, you could set up a conditional navigation rule that takes the user to the last step if the fields are already filled out. Or if you want the user to control the skipping, you could set up a separate skip button as well

How do I set up the conditional navigation to skip the step if it remembers a user? I am only seeing fields as conditions. Do I need advanced logic to complete this? Is there documentation somewhere that shows me how to set this up?

Based on your context, it seems you want to skip steps if the user has already filled out the submission. So you could set up conditionally logic to skip steps based on one of the fields that was filled out