Updating PDF Form after Respondent Edits

How can we get the updated PDF form that is sent on Gmail after the respondent has edited the form?

The pdf will be automatically regenerated whenever an email with it attached is sent out. You could specify an email to send on a trigger other than form completion

Yes, I understand this. I’m sorry, but my question is: How can we obtain the updated PDF file if the respondent has edited the form he/she submitted? How can we get the latest PDF of the edited form from the respondent? Can the updated PDF form be sent to the same email that was initially sent out?

the updated pdf attachment can be sent out in a latter email to the same email address

I already tried to edit the form, but I didn’t receive any updated PDF to send in the same email. Can you please provide instructions on how to send the revised/edited PDF to the same email?

There seems to be an misunderstanding, so let me try to be more detailed.

From what I understand, your current issue is that your user’s completed submission triggers an email with a generated PDF, and you want to receive a new PDF with new data when they edit their existing submission.

In order to accomplish this, I recommend the following:

  • Get your email integration to re-trigger post form completion on edits. This will require some creativity currently given we ensure each email only triggers once per submission. You’ll need to set up multiple emails in the integration to trigger at different points post-completion, with some creative field value conditional manipulation. I’m thinking the step loaded trigger should be able to handle this (a different step per email trigger)