Using More than One Price for a Stripe Product

Within Stripe, developers are able to create multiple prices for one product, which is very helpful for those needing to offer different payment plans for a single product, or for those who offer the same product at different prices. For instance, I am a service company who offers the same service in different states for different prices with different sales tax rates applied.

Currently I simply create a new product with a multiple of the same product for every area I serve. It would be cleaner and scale more efficiently to be able to use different prices instead. I wouldn’t end up with a huge list of products (when you consider that the plan, tax rate, and price could all be variables, the list multiplies very quickly), and I could use the same images and descriptions and names for all prices of the same product.

Is there a way to specify which price will apply to the product I am adding to my feathery cart? Ideally, this would be possible in the form builder UI and advanced logic.

Let me know your thoughts/questions-- thanks!

Hi Adam,

Thank you for bringing this up.

Apologies, but as of now, we do not allow such functionality.

However, you can submit your request as a feature request, so that our team can take a look at it and implement it the future.

This will really help us to improve and add additional functionalities to our system.

Let me know if you need anything else.

Great, I submitted it as a feature request.