Zoho integration create contact

Saleh_Alnanih @Saleh_Alnanih: Hi

The from completion trigger on Zapier takes almost 2 minutes to trigger a zap, how can this be faster?

because we want to send whatsapp message immediately after form submission

@Alkarim_Lalani @peter

peter @peter: the trigger rate is controlled from zapier’s side: https://zapier.com/pricing
but i believe we fixed our issue with the native zoho integration for you, which should trigger immediately
cc: @Alkarim_Lalani

Alkarim_Lalani @Alkarim_Lalani: Yeah the native zoho integration should trigger immediately, looks like Saleh wants to create a contact and not a lead which is why he may be using Zapier. Added a ticket to add the ability to create/update contacts. Will go ahead and keep everyone posted as we roll it out

Saleh_Alnanih @Saleh_Alnanih: That’s Correct @Alkarim_Lalani

We used zapier cuz we want to deal with “Contacts” module not “Leads”

feathery’s native integration now supports creating zoho contacts