Signatures not Pre-Populating PDF

@eri Having another issue with signatures not pre-populating our PDF… When our form titles “Ozempic FULL” is submitted, our full document titled “Redbird Ozempic (MYSELF)” should be populated. I just submitted the form and I see the Document show up in the Documents tab of Results, however, when I download the document and open it up - the Signature and Date of Signature fields are not populated. Signature and Date of Signature are mapped just like all other fields (screenshot), so I’m not sure why it’s not being pre populated like all other fields. I get an email asking for a signature the the document when a form is submitted, so I think there might be some kind of setting saying that me as the admin needs to sign the doc via email rather than the signature being populated with the field submission. Please help as we’ve been tryign to get this to work for a week! Thanks!

Hello there. You can go to your document’s Set Fill Trigger settings and turn off routing. It’s currently set to route the document to your own email.