Embedded Form Causes Page to Scroll to #Form On Load

When my form is embedded into another webpage, then when someone goes to my website, wonder.do, it automatically always loads Posture Perfect | Posie® for women, Poser® for men, made by wonder.do. I changed the URL redirect in settings to wonder.do in case that was causing this to happen, but this didn’t fix the issue. This makes it so that in some browsers, for example Safari on Mac, instead of loading the homepage with the hero section first, it automatically scrolls to the bottom of the page where the form is embedded. Is there any way to fix this?

you can turn off form autoscroll in your form settings

Hi Peter,

It is (and has been) turned off (screenshot below). The issue is that on the page first time load (before the user goes to the form), when you type in wonder.do, always on Safari, sometimes on Chrome scrolls down to the form (and adds the #formstuff to the end of the URL, which might be fine and not related, but usually the # indicates a place on the page to scroll to)

try our latest version (2.0.279). It should likely fix the issue you’re seeing