Form not directing to scheduling iframe

Hello, I am working on my Next Day Showings - Zeeg project. I have set it up similar to my Next Day Evaluations- Zeeg project but I can’t seem to get the logic to direct users to the right scheduling page. Once the form submits, it just takes me to a blank page instead of displaying the page that has my iframe scheduling page.

Here is the logic that is set up. Please let me know where i am going wrong.

if (NDS_preferred_area.equals(‘SE’)) {
feathery.goToStep(‘Schedule - 1SE’);
} else if (NDS_preferred_area.equals(‘SW’)) {
feathery.goToStep(‘Schedule - 2SW’);
} else if (NDS_preferred_area.equals(‘NE’)) {
feathery.goToStep(‘Schedule - 3NE’);
} else if (NDS_preferred_area.equals(‘NW’)) {
feathery.goToStep(‘Schedule - 4NW’);
} else if (NDS_preferred_area.equals(‘Inter City’)) {
feathery.goToStep(‘Schedule - 5IC’);

if (
time_frame.equals(‘ASAP!’) &&
NDS_preferred_area.equals(‘SE’, ‘SW’, ‘NW’, ‘Inter City’)
) {
feathery.goToStep(‘Schedule - 6ASAP’);

Hi Chris,

You would need to set the action of the button on the qualifying question step to be “Custom Action”, similar to what you did for Day Evaluations- Zeeg form.

Please let us know if you have further questions. Thank you!

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