Changing page design when using an iframe link


I currently have the following setup

Landing page with contact form A
Page two with contact form B
Page three with a container with an iframe URL to a scheduler

Page threee has a basic design with some text above the iframe - Please complete the following etc…

The text works great initially through the first three steps in the iframe until the iframe displays a confirmation of the appointment. At this point the text I have above does not work and ideally I would like to have something else display on this last confirmation of the iframe.

Is there a way to do this? Any suggestions?


Why not just edit the text on your third step? I feel like I might be missing something here

The iframe is on the third Feathery page. The contents of the iframe change from calendar date to select, to calendar time to select to contact page and then to a confirmation page.

Can I dynamically change the text of the feathery page when the iframe goes to the confirmation?

If your iframe document sends events through the iframe window messager, you can set up a listener in custom logic for that event and update the dynamic text field variable in that case

Hi Peter,

For a better reference here is the url so you can see what I am talking about.

Do you have any documentation with examples on how to do this? I am not a developer so I am not making sense of the above without an explanation or an example.


Hey Chris, this is how events are communicated through iframes: Window: postMessage() method - Web APIs | MDN

Since you’re embedding a third-party scheduling app, they probably have context on how to communicate with the site through their embed