Logic Between Forms Not Working

Hi there - I’m trying to setup logic between two forms and it’s not working. The first form is just one question that we have embedded on a landing page (screenshot). The second form is a bunch of questions, with logic specifying which questions should be shown based upon what options on the first embedded form are selected. As you can see (screenshot), there is a logic rule setup on the second form to say that any time (1) a form 1 response includes “Gallbladder removal” and (2) the answer to a form 2 question (ButtonGroup1) equals “Myself” - the user should be navigated to the step titled “YOU Gallbladder”. Additionally, I setup this rule in the flow builder as well (screenshot) - saying that anytime someone selects “Myself” when the form 1 response includes “Gallbladder removal” they should be redirected to the “YOU Gallbladder” step, and anytime they select “Myself” when form 1 DOESN"T INCLUDE “Gallbladder removal” they are not shown this step.

However, when I test the form this logic isn’t working - and the “YOU Gallbladder” step is never being shown regardless of what I answer on form 1. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Hello Miles. Sorry couldn’t see your screenshots, can you repost them here?
Can you specify which forms in your account are these first and second forms you referred to?

Hi @eri thank you for ansering these questions over the last few days - really apprecaite it! Form 1 im referring to is “Ozempic LP Form” and then form 2 im referring is “Ozempic FULL”. I’m only allowed to attached one screenshot at a time so here you go:

Actually @eri I think I figured it out! Thanks!