Unable to Link Multiple Forms

I am trying to create a flow or form that starts in one form, Form One, and ends in another, Form Two, where the details from Form One are autopopulated into Form Two.

I have tried the following steps separately and none have worked for me:

  • Linking fields from From Two to Form One
    • When doing this I have also ensured that Remember User is enabled on both forms
  • Creating Logic on Form One that when a button is clicked:
    • Opens Form Two
    • Passes values from From One fields and fills Form Two fields

Field Link

Next button on Form One opens Form Two:

Email field on Form Two is linked to Email field on Form One:

Logic Rule:

Event that triggers rule: Form Element is Clicked

Element that triggers rule: <Form-1-Button>

Open URL: <link-to-Form-Two> [Same Tab]

Set: <Form-Two-Field> to <Form-One-Field> [As Expression]

Please help!

Hi @chanson , We are looking into the issue. While we are at it, can you try to update your logic rule to first set the form two fields and then open the URL?

To be clear, we’re asking you to switch the ordering of your “open url” and “set form field” actions in your logic rule. you’ll want to initialize the field value in the second form before the second form is opened

Also, linking fields should work for this too. If you can point us towards the two forms that you’ve linked and has this issue, we can investigate further