Mapping conditions not populating correct screen or no screen at all

I have a pre-access form meant for 5 different audiences. Based on their dropdown selection, logic should be pretty simple where, if field is Audience A > it would bring you to the right experience path…

There are no other conditions or variables at play to getting the right experience flow but it seems when clicking CTA to move to next page… nothing happens.

Asking 4 Qs:

  1. You are (audience based condition to segment flow);
  2. First
  3. Last
  4. Email

All fields are filled. Hit my continue CTA and nothing happens (or the screen will sometimes for completely blank).

Now, with nothing happening, I found if you the go back to the audience question (#1) and changed the value to any other audience it will then immediate load the right page based on the audience newly selected.
Then, I go back and click on the original audience I desired and NOW the pages populate.

It’s weird. It is also happening on the live environment. So, it’s obviously mapped right in the flow but something is wrong with the first page, specifically the audience condition triggers (even though I mentioned it is a simple IF > THEN logic with the audience being the only value triggering the different paths).

There is obviously something I am missing so any insight and support would be greatly appreciated and welcomed!

Your start your journey button has no click action defined, it’s only set to submit and validate. You need to set it to “go to step” to navigate

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Thank you so much for your help! I am still having the issue of not flowing to the right audience screens/flow bc it funnels my entire audience to one page…If I have individual audience pages funneled from the start of form/first step screen which askss the initial four Qs, how do I get it to funnel correctly?

If I set to go to step > next step requires me to choose a page and it funnels all audiences to said page vs going to the right audience designation Ive created.

So I thought by keeping the field to go to step > Non it would follow priority order and then use the conditional logic I made by audience. But that did not happen…

Please advise

For conditional navigation, you would handle that from the flow tab to set rules. everything is documented as well: Navigate Steps Conditionally | Feathery Docs