Conditional redirect

I want to know how I can embed one form in another. I have a handful of unique forms and want to have one main form that will branch out to all forms depending on the response to an initial question.

You could create several buttons, each one opening up a different branching form. Then you can conditionally show and hide different buttons depending on which form you want to direct the user to

How do I use existing forms for each branch?

You can redirect to the URLs where each form is hosted

How do I get the correct URL for each form? I don’t want the linked forms to start from the first page either, how can I do this?

Click the dropdown next to the publish button of your form, click on the link to your form, use that URL

You can set up a conditional navigation rule from the flow tab to skip a step based on a certain field value. You can make it a hidden field whose value you set in a url parameter on navigation