Product Updates: No-Code Rule Builder

First, I just wanted to say that I love to see all of the amazing product updates coming out each month! Feathery is bar-none the best form builder on the market and will only continue to get better.

I’m particularly excited by the no-code rule builder, especially the coming soon capabilities.

Do you have an ETA on when each coming soon feature will be released, is it looking like by the end of the year?

What is Feathery’s No-Code Rule Builder?

Rule Builder allows you to define custom form logic in a natural language, without having to write any code.

This includes the following:

  • Conditionally setting certain field values or flags

  • Navigating to steps in form or external webpages

  • Conditionally showing or hiding elements

*** Custom validation (coming soon)**

*** Calculations (coming soon)**

*** Calling APIs (coming soon)**

Thank you! Yes, calling APIs will be out in a few weeks and then calculations & conditional errors soon after

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Awesome to hear!

We previously used Landbot to integrate with external API’s and loved their capabilities. We could call the API and reference earlier filled out field values and then could store the API responses as variables to be used in later form dropdowns.

If it’s anything like this, that would be amazing

Yes that will be part of the API functionality we’re adding!

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Awesome news! Did you have an estimated release date by chance?

We’re targeting release by the beginning of December cc: @andy

Hey @peter and @andy did you happen to have an estimated release date for this functionality? Thanks!

It’ll be out today or tomorrow!

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Ok awesome! Would you be able to reply to this post when it’s ready to check out?

Sure, happy to do that

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Quick update: we’ll be launching no-code api connectors tomorrow

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no-code api connectors are now live!

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