Sending automated emails requesting missing information autopulled from form

What tools/integrations allow me to integrate and auto-email to request missing info fields from the form?

The missing info would need to be dynamic since the missing info is different for each applicant.

Hi Makani,

Thanks for reaching out.

Are you requesting that the email being sent to your clients contains dynamic data from fields in which your client filled up?


I am requesting that the email prompt the client to complete the data fields they didn’t complete in the form due to only partially submitting.

E.g. Hi X, you missed uploading your ID.

Hi Makani,

You can achieve this by,

First creating a hidden Field

Second is to create a rule.
This rule indicates that when the textfield_kk isn’t filled up by your client, it will set the “missing” field, which is the hidden field that we had created to missing name.

Third is to use it in your email integration.
Here is how you implement it in the body of your email.

I had used {{missing}} which is the hidden field that we had used before, and then just inputted to the body of my email.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Is it possible to integrate this into an alternate email tools like Mailerlite or Gmail

I noticed Feathery isn’t consistent with sending these emails out.

Hi Makani,

We do have gmail integration, however they are not the same integration compared to the native email integration we have, which means that field data cannot be inputted directly.

We do have other integrations that you can try, but we recommend that for sending emails out, you use the native email integration, since this can be customized fairly easily.