Site not secure

The address bar shows a warning even though the web address is “https://…”
Screen Shot 2023-10-15 at 12.41.41

I’m not entirely sure why that’s happening, I don’t see it on my side. Could you share what browser you’re using and a URL to the form?

Using both Chrome and Safari but Chrome is the only browser that shows the warning. FYI All our forms have the same issue.

FWIW we don’t have this issue. How are you embedding the form?

Not embedding it. Just did a copy/paste of the form URL (from the dashboard) into a browser.

can you post a link to one?

Here is an example - Feathery Forms

FWIW that shows as SSL protected for me. I did a quick check for you

It passes

Thanks. I checked the other forms and they all show as secure. I’m thinking it may be a local issue. I’ll table this topic for now unless I have an issue from customers.